What’s Next?


“What’s next?”, you say?

The world.

Well, a bunch of different parts of the world, to be specific. We’ve done our homework and so we now have a patent-pending status for: “Food molds used to create notched, edible pieces which are used to construct an edible 3D model”.  Meaning, because we developed and invented this product, we’re the only ones who can make chocolate molds used to build these crazy edible models.  And because of this protection, we’ll be running unopposed, which will allow us to focus on designing new models and bring you new and ever-wilder molds very quickly. We’re starting out small right now, just to share with the world who we are, but we’re ready to go big!  We’re talking bulldozers, spaceships, tanks, elephants, dragons, trees, planets, and many, many more – and of course, more dinosaurs!  And all out of chocolate!

So stay tuned!